Fall Risk Assessments & Conditioning Programs

For older adults, falls are one of the greatest causes of serious health problems.  Both the incidence of falls and the severity of fall related complications rise steadily after age 60.  In the US, one in three people aged 65 years and older fall each year.  After age 75, the rates are even higher.

The most common cause of falls includes weak muscles, unstable balance, dizziness, vision problems, side effects from medication and environmental hazards.  To reduce your risk of falling and improve your mobility, we provide individualized programs for balance training, gait training, and strength and flexibility training.

We use the cutting edge Biodex Balance system to determine your balance score.  The test results are then reviewed with you and we advise you if you are at risk of falling due to physical limitations such as strength and/or balance.  If the cause is physical, we will plan an exercise program tailored just for you.  Our interventions will include exercises targeted to improve strength, balance, walking speed, step length, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.  We will also help you identify and eliminate environmental factors that you may find at home or in your community.  

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